Maestro Sensors

Lutron Quality and Performance in a sensor.

Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy in a home or commercial space. They’re ideal for rooms where lights are accidentally left on, such as an office, or rooms that you often enter with your hands full, such as a laundry room or supply closet. 

XCT Technology with Cross-Correlation
-No callbacks
-Superior sensitivity recognizes the difference between fine human motion and background noise. 
-Provides superior prevention of false-ons and false-offs

Durable design with clean aesthetic
-Tamper-resistant lens
-Extended relay lifetime

Models for any application and all lighting loads
-Single and dual circuit switches; Neutral and no neutral required. 
-Passive infared (PIS) and dual technology sensing
-0-10V dimmer for 0-10V fluorescent and LED fictures
-CL dimmer for dimmable LEDs and CFLs